250 gram Firenze ground


A strong spicy mix of light and dark roast beans.


Firenze Ground or Beans

Because the lightly roasted beans are mixed with dark roasted beans, a delicious spicy coffee with a light-roasted flavor is created! This type of coffee is an absolute asset to your coffee machine. This great composition creates a true taste sensation. We grind Firenze ground in every grade you like!

Strength: ●●●

  • 250 grams or 1 kg
  • Ground coffee
  • Medium Strong unique flavour
  • Origin: Colombia, Costa Rica

One of the most important factors influencing the taste of Colombian coffee is the perfect climate in Colombia. So the higher the height, the better the taste of the coffee bean. Colombian coffee has a rich, slightly fruity and chocolatey taste.

Colombian coffee is simply Arabica coffee that was grown in Colombia.

What is Arabica coffee? Arabica is a type of coffee that originated on the Arabian Peninsula and the soil in which it grows has a strong influence on the taste. The Colombian soil is rich and has a high altitude ‘s where the Arabica coffee plant can grow, The Coffee plant Arabica grows from at least 600 m up to more than 1500 meters high.

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Additional information


Rs 500 delivery island wide (Cash on Delivery)

Grind grade

Manual / Espresso machine – ground grade 6

Cafetiere – ground grade 12 – 14


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