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Yaaluwa & Pelikaan Story

About us:

The legacy of our coffee making runs 200 years back in time to Zutphen the Netherlands, where we started small as a family business , serving specialty coffee and tea to the coffee addict citizens in the Netherlands . With quality and flavor oozing from every sip,

The name De Pelikaanreached every nook and corner of the world as a coffee brand with regal caliber. The coronation of our coffee as the “Royal Purveyor” since 1991 up to date and the rare achievement of being crowned as Netherland’s best cuppa for three consecutive years , speaks volumes of our  potential in the industry.

Our signature  Arabica coffee comes  from the best regions of South and Central America such as Columbia , Brazil, Nicaragua , Costa Rica and Guatemala ,  the world’s leading source markets of premium coffee beans.

These meet the famous  coffee roaster in Zutphen where some coffees are blended while others are roasted pure, producing medium or medium dark roast coffee. Each variety is roasted with finesse and love so as to receive an optimum flavor and aroma. At the end of the day , our prime goal is to provide a high-end coffee experience to our clients, regionally and globally,

Yaaluwa is our official importer in Sri Lanka of Pelikaan Coffee.

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